OSCARCON 2024: Reimagining OSCAR in a Shifting Landscape was held on June 1, 2024 at SFU Burnaby.  Amidst the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology, characterized by AI advancements and market turbulence, as well as an increased administrative burden on all healthcare providers, OSCARCON 2024 aims to offer learning sessions for new and seasoned OSCAR Users and developers, and to explore how the shifting landscape will continue to impact healthcare providers and EMR users.

To download presentations from OSCARCON 2024, click here

OSCARCON ‘23: Optimizing the OSCAR Experience, held on June 17th and 18th, 2023 at UBC Robson Square in Vancouver, BC.  It was an invaluable 2-day opportunity for OSCAR EMR users, partners, service providers, developers and academics to come together to learn, collaborate and strategize how OSCAR EMR can continue to be optimized for a stronger health provider community at large.  

Panel Management Webinar 

Sat Nov 19, 2022,  9:15 – 11 am (immediately following the OSCAR BC AGM)   

An informative session with tips and tricks of OSCAR EMR panel management, including: Panel Management vs. Panel Maintenance Panel Maintenance i.e. MRP, demographics, etc., Panel Assisting with annual CDM and Chronic Disease Billing Registries and more…
Webinar Leads
Patti Scott and Jennica Grenier, with Dr. John Yap

Click here the Webinar our YouTube Channel (and don’t forget to Subscribe!) 

Prescribing Module Webinar

Sat Feb 19, 2022

Prescribing Module Webinar: Topics included allergies, drug interactions, long-term medications, cleaning up the Rx module, the syntax, colour changes (based on time), as well as new workflows for signatures, faxes, favourite pharmacies, time stamps, Duplicate Rx, and more.
Q&A session also included.
Webinar Leads
Dr. John Yap and
Patti Scott, Practice Management and Change Manager Webinar Video
Prescribing Module Webinar Presentation PDF

Greasemonkey Webinar (Sep 25, 2021)

Greasemonkey is an add-on to the browser that improves the EMR functionality in some tasks. Webinar leads made demonstrations and took questions from participants. 

Greasemonkey Webinar PDF Presentation,
Webinar Video on YouTube

Led by Dr. Stanley Hurwitz, Dr. John Yap and
Dr. John Robertson  

Billing Webinar (June 26, 2021)

Learn about billings, resubmissions, reconciliations, reports, diagnostic codes, time stamps, billing with Greasemonkey, and more. Video available on our YouTube channel. The presentation PowerPoint and billing info sheets are available on our Resources page.

Led by Jennica Grenier, MOA
Patti Scott, Practice Improvement & Change Manager
Dr. John Yap and Dr. John Robertson

Panel Management PSP Dashboard Webinar (May 15, 2021)

Physicians who haven’t participated in panel management have an opportunity to improve the efficiency of their practices while being compensated. Learn how to easily track billings, build better workflows, identify and clarify roles and responsibilities of practice teams, and learn how to optimize EMR data. Video available.

Led by Dr. Herbert Chang, Patti Scott, MOA, and
Valerie Kroeker, PSP 

eForms Webinar, Sat Apr 17, 2021

The Provincial eForms Solution repository for electronic forms is driven by the vision of “all healthcare forms, always up-to-date, all points of service, pre-populated where possible, and delivered electronically.” Integration with the OSCAR EMR is planned for later in 2021. This will allow real-time retrieval of up-to-date forms and electronic transmission of completed forms directly from your EMR, improve form availability and the end-to-end form workflow for both clinicians and form owners, provide instant on-demand updates to existing forms. It will help “axe the fax” in BC! Video available
Leads: Oliver Thompson and Rachel Barker, PHSA

All About eForms: eForm design, creation using the eForm generator, updating, importing, uploading, adding, organizing, signing, sharing, searching for, naming etiquette, and ordering eForms. View the eForm playlist for a variety of videos by topic. 
Leads: Dr. John Yap and Dr. John G.M. Robertson

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