Open Source Providers (OSP's)

OSCAR BC supports our members, in part, by working collaboratively with open source EMR service providers operating in British Columbia as we advance prioritized projects brought forward by our membership.

OSCAR BC is sharing information that may be of interest to our members, including information about OSPs and 3rd Party Apps.  We are neutral and do not endorse, recommend, or qualify the use of these products and services. 

Open OSP Service Cooperative

Open OSP is a member-owned cooperative that provides onsite and hosted solutions and services, including data migration from a range of EMRs, integrated telehealth, fax, and online booking options. The Cooperative’s profits are invested in member-driven software, and service improvements. Visit

MPeer Networks

MPeer Networks is an independent BC-based software/IT company with an operations office in Vancouver and serving many clients across Canada and the US.  MPeer Networks specializes in supporting and customizing open source applications and systems (e.g., Electronic Record/Dental Record, web servers, Linux, etc., for physicians, dentists, family practices, and other healthcare providers. MPeer is a member of OCUS society and actively contributes to the OSCAR Community email list. Contact for more information. 

Juno EMR (part of the WELL Health EMR Group). 

Juno was acquired by WELL Health Technologies.  Contact for more information.

OSCAR Pro (part of the WELL Health Group) 

OSCAR Professional McMaster Edition, or OSCAR Pro includes  support services, security and safety, a modernized interface, plus your choice of additional features available at  Learn more about OSCAR Pro.

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