OSCAR Service Providers

OSCAR BC supports our members, in part, by working collaboratively with OSCAR EMR service providers operating in British Columbia as we advance prioritized projects brought forward by our membership.


MPeer Networks is an independent BC-based software/IT company with an operations office in Vancouver, servicing many clients across Canada and the USA. MPeer Networks specializes in support and customization of all Open Source Applications and Systems, e.g., Electronic Medical/Dental Record, Web Servers, Linux, etc., for physicians, dentists, family practices and other healthcare providers. MPeer is a member of OCUS society and actively contributes to the OSCAR Community Email List. Contact mpeer.net for more information.

Open OSP

Open OSP, founded by clinicians for clinicians, provides secure, high-quality hosted and on-site EMR solutions. Its seasoned team of OSCAR experts focus on delivering agile, attentive customer support. As a cooperative, Open OSP’s profits are directly invested in user-driven software development and service improvements. Open OSP believes the future of healthcare should be in the hands of clinicians and patients and is committed to achieving this vision. For more information visit: openosp.ca

WELL Health Technologies Corp.

WELL EMR Group is Canada’s largest OSCAR provider. The OSCAR McMaster Professional Edition (OSCAR Pro) includes familiar OSCAR features, plus the added benefits of support services, security and safety, a modernized interface and additional features designed to enhance the OSCAR experience even further. For more information, please contact help@oscarprodesk.ca or 1-866-WELL-EMR.