Third-Party Apps

Disclaimer: OSCAR BC shares information that may be of interest to our members. The following is a list of third-party apps that are known to integrate with OSCAR EMR. OSCAR BC does not endorse, recommend, or qualify the use of these products and services and assumes no responsibility for the installation or use of these products.


Cortico is a technology solution for health practitioners using Oscar EMR. With seamless online booking, integrated Telehealth, and automated self-registration, Cortico enhances patient care and practitioner efficiency while reducing operating costs. It also helps keep clinics running smoothly during this COVID-19 crisis. Learn more


CHIME enables clinics to work smarter, earn more, and provide better care. Its unique, AI-powered software transforms primary care clinics by delivering the right person, to the right place, at the right time using intelligent software and specialized hardware. With only a couple of components, CHIME effectively automates check-in, way-finding, and task assignment, streamlining day-to-day collaboration between staff teams, and enabling primary care clinics to reduce operating costs and increase revenue. Learn more.


Veribook is an online scheduling service that delivers a customized experience for every clinic. The scheduling rules schedules patients exactly in line with clinic needs, maximizing the benefit of online scheduling for walk-in clinics, family practices, and more. Patients book via a workflow that’s unique to each clinic, and without needing to pre-register. Many clinics schedule more than 60% of appointments online, and in the best cases, up to 95%! Learn more.


Auxita is a powerful, free software platform that gives frontline healthcare providers access to tools for faster, easier and more effective appointments. By integrating seamlessly with OSCAR EMR, Auxita’s platform securely analyzes patient data utilizing the latest clinical guidelines and provides real-time clinical pathways, graphs, and visualized trends. From common calculations (like the Framingham), to treatment next steps for even the most uncommon diagnoses, Auxita puts all the information you need right at your fingertips and allows you to do more of what matters. Learn more. is a (WELL Health Technologies) place to connect clinicians with clinical services and integrated applications designed to improve clinic efficiencies, and ultimately health outcomes.

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