MEMBERS: Thank you for supporting OSCAR BC.

Member contributions to OSCAR BC help cover the costs of OSCAR training, projects, collaboration, and administrative support. 

The volunteer OSCAR BC board works so the OSCAR community’s interests are represented to government and OSCAR Service Providers. 

The cohesive and collaborative central structure of OSCAR BC ensures that, going forward, development priorities will address the needs of BC’s OSCAR users and our patients. 

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Your contribution to OSCAR BC

  • Means that you have a voice in identifying ways to make OSCAR a better EMR system and that you receive the benefits of these improvements.
  • Provides access to digital newsletters that advise you of important updates, information, and resources.
  • Preferred rates for training sessions, OSCARCON and OSCAR miniCON conferences and webinars
  • Preferred rates on ordering tailored eForms for your OSCAR EMR system
  • Preferred rates to training sessions, held around the province.
  • Links to listserves and quick tips training.
  • Being part of the OSCAR EMR community – people who believe in the quality and fairness of the OSCAR open source code.

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