If you wish to have an eForm prepared, OSCAR BC can make one for you for a nominal fee. 

We generally respond to requests within a week with a quote to prepare your eForm.  

Our Resources/Learning page has videos and other eForms-related information such as DTO’s Forms Guidelines & Best Practices Guide regarding creating, editing, and distributing forms. Here is a helpful resource to add and manage eForms.

A few basics to remember when attaching your form: 

  •  It is important that your eForm follows any  regulatory guidelines and formats – if you’re unsure, please check before sending to us.  If they do not, the eForm may be sent back for appropriate adjustments or the programmer may edit it to meet standards. 
  •  Attached forms for programming must be in pdf format, in 8.5 x11″, portrait orientation.  
  • If you have multiple, different eForms, please submit a request for each of them.
  • There is no difference between a fillable / print version of a pdf for programming to an eForm;  if the content is identical, please don’t send both in separate requests. 
  • We do not upload or store pdf’s in the eForm repository.
  • Please indicate if your request is an update to an existing eForm, or if it is a new eForm (you many want to search the repository at  to see if it already exists).
  • All completed eforms are uploaded to the OSCAR Galaxy repository, and are shared.  
  • The direct link will be sent to you when it is completed. 
  • Search for BC-specific eForms HERE

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    FAQ’s about Ordering eForms: 

    Can I order multiple eForms?

    Yes, but you will need to submit a separate order for each eForm you request. 

    Are there fees for new eForms? 

    We charge nominal fees to program new eForms, with a base cost starting at $150 CDN per page, to cover minimal adminstrative costs.  The fees are based on the complexity of the form, how many pages and other factors that might require more extensive programming effort.  

    Can I order an update to an existing eForm?

    Yes, we also do updates to existing eForms.  The same process to request updates applies – just let us know its an update!  The fees for this will be minimal, unless there are extensive changes to the existing eForm.  In some cases, fees are waived if the changes are very minimal. 

    What is the turnaround time for eForm orders?
    • You will receive an email acknowledging your request with a quote for the cost to program the eForm. 
    • Once you confirm to accept the quote and for us to proceed, you will receive an email with a direct link to the completed eForm in The Oscar Galaxy repository within approximately 1 – 2 weeks.
    • An invoice will be issued to you from OSCAR BC, payable by cheque, credit card or bank eTransfer. 
    How do I use the eForm I ordered?
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