OSCAR BC is a non-profit society that is a collaboration of BC’s OSCAR users, the companies providing OSCAR support—Chartered OSCAR Service Providers (OSPs), Software Developers, and IT Experts


OSCAR is the #1 most widely used EMR in BC and the OSCAR movement is growing fast. Our rapid growth, in a changing Health IT landscape, has made it necessary to create a central structure to support and improve OSCAR for its users and the patients we serve. We have come together to keep making OSCAR better. 

WHEN was OSCAR BC Formed?

The OSCAR BC collaboration of users, developers, academics and OSP’s came together in 2016 to create OSCAR BC a non-profit society.  The society is now collecting funds from users to oversee the future development of OSCAR in BC and to support the quality assurance process and ISO certification that are stewarded by the nationally-based OSCAR EMR 

HOW does OSCAR BC work?

OSCAR’s success is a great example of the high success rates of open source projects in health information systems. Open source licensing promotes safer, more effective health information systems at lower costs (ref)

Like so many open source projects, one of the special features of OSCAR is the community. OSCAR BC is harnessing the passion and daily experience of users to direct future development. The funds being collected are used to gather BC user input to direct and prioritize future OSCAR-related projects 

WHAT is the OSCAR BC 2018-2019 Strategic Plan?

● OSCAR BC is a community-driven non-profit society with the goal of fostering the development, evolution, quality adoption and use of the OSCAR Open Source information system relevant to Health Care in British Columbia.

● To support and strengthen OSCAR by being the central coordinating body for the governance of OSCAR Open Source system in British Columbia.

● OSCAR BC operates as an inclusive and collaborative non-commercial, community-driven organization responsible for the stewardship of patient and healthcare data and the sustainability of OSCAR.

● To provide an excellent and affordable EMR to healthcare professionals in British Columbia.
● To facilitate better access to health care.
● To foster continued development of the OSCAR EMR system.

Membership – To provide tangible benefits to OSCAR users.
Sustainability – To provide the financial resources needed to sustain OSCAR BC.
Strategy – The following strategies will be used to achieve the goals of membership and sustainability:

○ increasing engagement with users
○ demonstrating the benefits of OSCAR
○ building the OSCAR brand
○ having members provide input on OSCAR software development
○ engaging in projects that contribute positive net returns
○ seeking grants for projects that support the purposes of OSCAR BC
○ entering into agreements with 3rd party vendors of APP’s that financially benefit OSCAR BC
○ providing eForms for the benefit of OSCAR users

Implementation – The following methods will be used to implement the strategies:
○ An accurate and up to date list of members will be created.
○ Project proposals and budgets will include a positive net return for Oscar BC.
○ Overhead and support costs on projects will be reduced as much as possible.
○ Agreements with 3rd party vendors will be formalized to provide a net positive return.
○ OSCAR CON 18 will be budgeted to provide a greater return.
○ The OSCAR BC website will be updated and include more information.
○ Quarterly newsletters will be created and distributed to members and other stakeholders.
○ eForms will continue to be created and generate positive revenue.
○ Members will be eligible to vote at the AGM and to be elected to the OSCAR BC Board.
○ Members will receive a discount to attend OSCAR CON 18.
○ An annual budget for OSCAR BC will be created and approved.


The OSCAR BC Board includes the following people:

Oscar Users

  • Colleen Kirkham
  • Tracy Monk
  • John Yap
  • John Robertson
  • Jel Coward

Executive Director

  • Ken Becotte


  • Jens Weber (UVic)
  • Morgan Price (UBC/UVic)


  • Dennis Warren (Colcamex Resources)

Chartered OSCAR Service Providers