The ideal user of this Oscar EMR Intro for New Users-Instruction Sheets 

would be a resident unfamiliar with OSCAR  

or a locum new to an OSCAR-enabled office.

How to Add eForms to Your OSCAR

Part 1 Video: eForms Import & Upload

Part 2 Video: eForms Import & Upload

This document explains how to add new eForms to the existing ones on your system.

Forms Guidelines & Best Practices

This Guide assists form creators, physicians, and administrative staff, with creating, editing, and distributing forms. The long-term goal is to integrate forms directly into electronic medical records (EMR) through the provincial eForms Project; however, in the interim this guide offers best practices on how to create and update a form, and whether or not a form is needed, and how to support the update process.  (v. Jan 20, 2020)

miniCON Presentations


This manual describes the functionality added to OSCAR for Version 1 of its Clinical Document eXchange 

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James Saunders, MPH, has training in epidemiology, quality improvement, and data analysis. He can support OSCAR users with custom SQL queries, report templates, statistical/data analyses, or other data products/visualizations. Contact James